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  Saturday, February 6, 2016 Facebook YouTube Pinterest Twitter MySpace

Celebrating Our Heritage -- Article
This picture shows my child, niece, and nephew's love for their grandfather's outlandish stories - from me running nude at two in the front yard to a bull chasing my Uncle Bill all the way back to school to get his whipping from the schoolmarm! I can only imagine what he is telling them in this picture. He has been known to embellish his stories - or, should I say lie? It is not to show-off or be prideful. He just wants to be a wonderful grandfather, who the kids love to spend time with and will always remember a bit of his imagination. He, my dad, is otherwise known as Granddad.

Grandad Strangers

Celebrating our Heritage/Culture -- Article
Iíve studied my heritage for quite awhile. Iíve traced ancestors back to the Civil War. I began wondering if our heritage wasnít only our past but, our future as well. Every day we live our lives is the legacy we leave to our future generations. We are our childrenís heritage. My goal of this lay-out was to link the past and the future. This precious child is my niece Alexis and I am her heritage.

Alexis Day J.A.L.
Journey To Scotland Lemuel and Ella Hedican

Timeless Textiles -- Article
This article includes projects for intermediate scrappers.

Using fabric in your scrapbooking albums is one of the easiest ways to link the present day with your heritage photographs and memories. You can effectively achieve a period look to your modern heritage pages with some old-fashioned fabric treatment.


A Motherís Love

Baby Love

From Top to Toe

Margaret (Left)

Margaret (Right)

Heritage Story Cards -- Article
With heritage story cards we can recreate the past using the many rubberstamping mediums available today.

Copper Necklace

Gold Leaf Frame

Grandma's Lace

Grandmother's Collection

Grandpa's Grape Juice

Tied the Knot

Heritage Scrapbooking 101 -- Article
It's time to get these precious photos into your albums.


Like Mother, Like Daughter


Silly Singing Antics

Sisters Through the Years

The Bryan Sisters

Young Love

Dedication Pages -- Article


Freshman Year 1959

Heritage Album

Gathering Clues for Heritage Photographs -- Article
Have you ever found a photo that you loved, but had little or no information about it? Need a date, location or even a name? Well, many of us run into this situation, especially when scrapbooking heritage photos. Sometimes all it takes is to ask a family member and they may remember an entire story that you can add to your journaling. But, there are also subtle clues in a photo that can lead you in the right direction.


Journal Box

Journal Box Open

Paris 1968 (Page 1)

Paris 1968 (Page 2)

Skip 1942

Omas China -- Article
Omaís china is a precious family heirloom that anyone would love to have. So, naturally it was thrilling to find the actual receipt for Oma's China dated 1941! The cost has sure gone up as you can see.


Mom and Jason

Oma's China

Postcards from the past -- Article
Keep your family's heritage preserved for future generations; Scrapbook it! Check out Paige's great ideas for heritage pages here.


Omas Family Tree

Senior Year 1963

The Piano

Our Patriotic Heritage -- Article
Patriotism has made a resurgence in the recent year and justly so. I wanted to honor the past by creating scrapbook pages that told my children what it was like to be an American way back when.

Flag Day 1954


Germany 1964

USA 1908

Remembering Our Fathers -- Article
Heritage photos don't often accompany negatives and are very precious. Don't scrap with your old photos ! Simply make copies. You can cut, crop, enlarge, and even adjust color by using a color copier, Kodak Picture Maker machine or by scanning and printing with your home computer. Then, store the original in an archival safe sleeve in a dark. low humidity area. Doing this provides a safe place to store your photograph if you need to make copies at a later date.


Grandpa Pete

Loved By All (Page 1)

Loved By All (Page 2)

Opa 1907

Nana & Papa's Wedding -- Article
Create a gorgeous layout like this one using some basic steps and only two punches! The complete step-by-step instructions for this technique can be found in the

Nana & Papa's Wedding (Combined)

Nana & Papa's Wedding (Page 1)

Nana & Papa's Wedding (Page 2)

Facebook  Scrapbooking

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