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  Sunday, February 7, 2016 Facebook YouTube Pinterest Twitter MySpace

Feature Articles __________________________________________

Slice & Dice Round Robin Cards, Part 1

By: Judi Kauffman

Slice & Dice Round Robin Cards, Part 1, Judi Kauffman

The card above with a pink border was one I made. It incorporates a wavy background from another friend (Margaret Donnelly) who gave me permission to include it in Round One of the swap with Debbie.

3-D Valentine Wishes

By: Kay Williamson

3-D Valentine Wishes, Kay Williamson

Valentine's Day cards can be as fun as you make them, so why not add a 3-D quality?

Found Flowers

By: Judi Kauffman

Found Flowers, Judi Kauffman

I have always adored Magic Stamp from Clearsnap. These humble, inexpensive foam blocks never cease to amaze me.

Valentine’s Day Postcard

By: Judi Kauffman

Valentine’s Day Postcard, Judi Kauffman

I whipped up a batch of postcards, using the stamps from the set on the address side and pulling together torn and die cut paper collages for the other side.

All about Ovals, Part 1

By: Judi Kauffman

All about Ovals, Part 1, Judi Kauffman

I’m all about ovals these days! They’re such a pleasing shape. When Els van de Burgt designed a series of oval dies I just had to have all of them.

Bloomin’ Heart Valentines

By: Judi Kauffman

Bloomin’ Heart Valentines, Judi Kauffman

I love everything about Valentine’s Day. As I always say, what could be wrong with a holiday that’s all about cards and candy and hugs!

Basic Craft Techniques ___

Sharing the Love

By: Di Hickman

Sharing the Love, Di Hickman

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet... and yes we'd probably put them all in a scrapbook to show how much we love you! The season of love is upon us as February 14th grows closer and closer. Time to dig out those pink and red papers, the hearts and flowers, and show that special someone how much you love them with a handmade greeting card, layout or project.

Crafting by Stefanie Girard __________________________________

"X O" Valentine's Day Gift Boxes

By: Stefanie Girard

"X O" Valentine's Day Gift Boxes, Stefanie Girard

Clean (new) pizza boxes make great flat surfaces to decorate and are just right as gift boxes when filled with almost flat goodies like books, T-shirts, candy bars, and such.

Artered Art _____________________________________________

Valentine Card Trio

By: Melissa McClary

Valentine Card Trio, Melissa McClary

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to make cards because there are no rules! You can choose traditional images and colors such as red and black or shake things up with a modern color scheme of pink, brown, and even blue. For my trio of cards I wanted to use one stamp set and scraps of cardstock to keep them simple and affordable.

Vintage Valentines

By: Tracey Kazimir-Cree

Vintage Valentines, Tracey Kazimir-Cree

This article contains projects for paper crafters of all levels.

As much as we all love hand-crafting and creating one-of-a-kind cards for family and friends, sometimes it’s a lot more practical to use a computer to make larger quantities of cards, either to give as gift sets, or to mail out yourself. The plethora of clip art available, such as the CDs from Vintage Workshop, can be used in many ways to create your valentines this year.

Valentine’s Day

By: Debra Fuller

Valentine’s Day, Debra Fuller

These projects are for beginner to intermediate scrapbookers.

Letting someone special know just how much they mean to you is what Valentine’s Day is all about. The following projects are here to help you make meaningful handmade gestures for the ones you love. The projects are suitable for all types of people and can even be adapted to different occasions. Why not let someone know how special they are by taking the time to create something just for them. Your local retailer will have all the items needed to make these projects.

Departments ______________________________________________

Cards, Coloring & More

By: Judi Kauffman

Cards, Coloring & More, Judi Kauffman

Nothing beats spending time sitting by the fireplace all cozy and warm, nowhere to go, a coloring book and a big jar of pencils at hand, followed by a foray into folding (origami is such fun), followed by the lazy perusal of project books to trigger all sorts of ideas and plans; followed by a small mountain of chocolate chip cookies.

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