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  Tuesday, September 1, 2015 Facebook YouTube Pinterest Twitter MySpace

Feature Articles __________________________________________

baby Girl Fabric Mini Album - Babies

By: Dr. Irit Shalom

baby Girl Fabric Mini Album, Dr. Irit Shalom

Whenever I make a mini album for someone special I take that person's taste into account, considering whether they like shabby chic, bright or soft colors, or something conservative.

Owls & More, Part 2 – Clown - Bonus Project

By: Judi Kauffman

Owls & More, Part 2 – Clown, Judi Kauffman

When I was a little girl (way back in the 1950s) my mother and I used to go out to lunch in the tea room of a department store called Woodie’s (the locals’ nickname for Woodward & Lothrop in Washington, DC).

Tools, Stamps and More - Discoveries

By: Judi Kauffman

Tools, Stamps and More, Judi Kauffman

Here’s an interesting mix of stamps, tools and supplies to help you make jewelry, cards, holiday projects, and more. (I just love the words “and more,” don’t you? They hold so much potential!)

Laugh - Grandparents

By: Jean Marmo

Laugh, Jean Marmo

At 87, my mom is having a bit more difficulty getting around. It was a pleasure to have her make the two-and-a-half hour trip to attend the shower for my son’s fiancée.

Just the Way You Are - Just for Kids

By: Dr. Irit Shalom

Just the Way You Are, Dr. Irit Shalom

Usually when we think of mixed media layouts there is a lot of paint, layering, background stamping (what might be called "messy").

Girlie Grunge Trinket Box - Mixed Media

By: Tracey Sabella

Girlie Grunge Trinket Box, Tracey Sabella

My signature style involves mixing girly, feminine elements with torn grungy items. I also adore creating handcrafted flowers.

Magic Stamp Meets a Carryout Tray - Mixed Media

By: Judi Kauffman

Magic Stamp Meets a Carryout Tray, Judi Kauffman

I was about to toss a bumpy paperboard carryout tray from Wendy’s into the recycling bin when something caught my eye. The bottom of the four cup holders held wonderful textured Y-shaped pieces just waiting to be cut and saved for some sort of project.

Baby Canisters - Special Project

By: Pam Bray

Baby Canisters, Pam Bray

Baby canisters are such a treat to have for a nursery. Making something really special for your baby or to give as a gift.

Crafting by Stefanie Girard __________________________________

Things I Love

By: Stefanie Girard

Things I Love, Stefanie Girard

When stamping and coloring a keepsake Card Album with your favorite images why not make a set of greeting cards and matching envelopes at the same time? This can make a great gift package for the holidays that are just around the corner!

Papercrafting ________________________________________________

Cherish Family

By: Tracey Sabella

Cherish Family, Tracey Sabella

Weddings are such special days. For many couples it is a new beginning not only for the bride and groom but for the children in their lives as well.

Departments ______________________________________________

Be as Happy as Possible - Cardstock

By: Dr. Irit Shalom

Be as Happy as Possible, Dr. Irit Shalom

This is a pure Mixed Media layout made over the solid white cardstock with masks, texture paste, water colors and just a few simple patterned paper cuts.

Laugh - Ink

By: Cindy Groh

Laugh, Cindy Groh

My husband's mother took a ton of pictures of her 5 boys as they grew up. When she moved into a home all those photos came to my house.

Smile, Be Happy, Dream - Paper

By: Bev Code

Smile, Be Happy, Dream, Bev Code

There are so many fabulous, super cute digital images that can be coloured to suit your layouts. And with all of the amazing new cutting machines and SVG files available there are so many possibilities.

Envelopes, Envelopes, Envelopes - Stamping

By: Judi Kauffman

Envelopes, Envelopes, Envelopes, Judi Kauffman

Happy or sad, sick or well – no matter what’s going on in my life I have always decorated a lot of envelopes. It’s super easy, endlessly interesting, and inexpensive (who cares if an envelope isn’t a masterpiece).

Things I Love - Stickers

By: Bev Code

Things I Love, Bev Code

There are so many amazing patterns available for you to work with. What an amazing fun use of string or twine to accent a page.

Weekly Fun Video

By: You Tube

Weekly Fun Video, You Tube

Olympic Gymnist - John Orozco


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