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  Monday, March 2, 2015 Facebook YouTube Pinterest Twitter MySpace

Feature Articles __________________________________________

Introducing the Bookshelf Department - Bookshelf

By: Judi Kauffman

Introducing the Bookshelf Department, Judi Kauffman

We’re excited to announce a new regular feature for Scrapbooking.com Magazine: The Bookshelf Department. It will include books both old and new, titles that have stood the test of time as well as the latest releases.

Creativity Takes Courage Altered Printers Tray - Crafting with Kids

By: Dr. Irit Shalom

Creativity Takes Courage Altered Printers Tray, Dr. Irit Shalom

Being a crafter means not just making craft projects, but sometimes also defining what crafting means to you.

Little Wonders - Friends

By: Dr. Irit Shalom

Little Wonders, Dr. Irit Shalom

In my family we all love cats. We have one right now and we had a chance to rescue and foster another a couple of months ago. My friend found this little beauty by the mall, dirty and hungry.

Feltables - Mixed Media

By: Judi Kauffman

Feltables, Judi Kauffman

I fell in love with felt for the first time when I was in first grade. It was so easy for a child to cut and sew – no raveling.

Welcome Spring Acrylic Deco - Spring

By: Dr. Irit Shalom

Welcome Spring Acrylic Deco, Dr. Irit Shalom

Doodling can be a hard job for those who are not familiar with this technique. But if you have already-doodled cardstock (doodling printed on the sheet), all you need is just to add some of your own doodling.

Garden Notes - Studio Els

By: Els van de Burgt

Garden Notes, Els van de Burgt

We were so excited when Susan Tierney-Cockburn joined Elizabeth Craft Designs in January 2015 and the excitement just keeps growing! She’s been known for her realistic paper flowers for a long time,

Basic Techniques of Scrapbooking and Cards _______________

Suitable for Framing

By: Judi Kauffman

Suitable for Framing, Judi Kauffman

This may be the easiest project ever. The instructions are only seven words:

Papercrafting - Sponsored By: ______________________

Best Day Ever

By: Tracey Sabella

Best Day Ever, Tracey Sabella

Andrew is so blessed to have great friends to stand by him through thick and thin and to join him on this special day when he married Elizabeth.

Die Cuts - Sponsored By: ___________________________

One Fine Day

By: Beck Beattie

One Fine Day, Beck Beattie

I always like my photos to be the focus of my scrapbook pages and there was little chance of this hot air balloon pic being anything other than the star.

Departments ______________________________________________

Baby Girl

By: Cindy Groh

Baby Girl, Cindy Groh

Last year we moved my mother-in-law into assisted living. Family members took care of 50 years' worth of collected stuff and among the things were craft totes filled with supplies for projects she intended to do.

A Great Time - Chipboard

By: Agnieszka Bellaidea

A Great Time, Agnieszka Bellaidea

I had a chance to spend a great time with my friend and we found out that our children can be also friends! We visited several nice places together, went to the movies and spent days at the pool.

Beautiful Friends - Ink

By: Kay Williamson

Beautiful Friends, Kay Williamson

The majority of my scrapbook is filled with family photos, however it is fun to sprinkle in a little variety by adding pages with photos of friends. Each year, around my birthday, these dear friends take me out to dinner.

A Brush with Spring - Paper

By: Lisa Swift

A Brush with Spring, Lisa Swift

Continuing with our yearly tradition, we took our cameras out to the garden to search for signs of spring. The chance to get outside came a bit late this year (early May) because of the cold.

Swing into Spring - Ribbon

By: Kathleen Hernandez

Swing into Spring, Kathleen Hernandez

In the part of the Philippines where I live, the East, we have only two seasons. We are neither troubled nor blessed with four seasons.

The Pen Turns - Stickers

By: Lisa Swift

The Pen Turns, Lisa Swift

When Dad started up First Class Pens, his hand-turned writing instruments company, you were very curious about how the process worked.

Weekly Fun Video

By: You Tube

Weekly Fun Video, You Tube

Olympic Gymnist - John Orozco


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